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My South African paperback edition of my first book Productivity 106: Reflections on Maximum Results, Minimum Effort was launched on 30 March 2019 – more below.

About Productivity 106

What people are saying about it:

“What a delight – so nice to just pick up and open to an arbitrary page and delve into a moment of presence, awareness and productivity.
With grateful thanks for your work, your ability to communicate what is happening around you and the courage to share this with the world.”
– Barry Coltham.  CEO of Achievement Awards


“I am finding your book a delight.  I am dipping into it and reading chapters at random.  The illustrations are delightful, and they add to the pleasure of reading the book.”
– Joan Joffe


“Our entire management team, along with key role players from a number of departments, attended Gerrit Cloete’s productivity workshop. The insights gained and knowledge shared had such an immediate impact that we ordered 18 copies of his book, Productivity 106 – Reflections on Maximum Productivity Minimum Effort, for further reading.

Working through this book has not only helped us to remain focused on the right things, but it has become a daily source of inspiration and motivation to refer back to. Gerrit didn’t write a how-to textbook when he compiled the copy; instead, he encapsulated the very essence of productivity in 106 easy-to-read stories that resonate with people from all walks of life.

Gerrit’s approach is truly unique and the manner in which he conveys his knowledge makes it easy to apply these principles in both your professional and personal life. Productivity 106 – Reflections on Maximum Productivity Minimum Effort is a fresh approach to a crucial element in business and will surely leave a lasting positive impression. I highly recommend this book, along with the productivity training workshops, to corporates from all industries.”

  • Elbie Liebenberg, Principal and CEO: Oxbridge Academy. 


“I received your book as a gift.  Although I love reading (and some writing), I am not a keen reader of management literature – I find it too factual and mostly boring.

I started reading your book until it found its way to my bedside table.  From there the stories found their way tino some of my speeches.  Later the book became part of my office – suddenly, in a minute, I could not only learn a management lesson, but could also within 10 minutes include a nice story as part of a difficult conversation.  The book with short lessons has become a resource which is having a positive impact on daily management challenges.

The value of storytelling is one of the most under-valued general management and self-management resources. It was great to give the book to the members of my management team as something that will not only add value to their work, but also promotes personal growth with positive impact on the workplace.”

  • Frans van Niekerk,  Hospital General Manager

Productivity 106 is available on Amazon (paperback and eBook version).  If you are resident in South Africa and would like to get the paperback, it’s easier to check it out here.

See you on the other side!