Outlook Productivity

Maximum Productivity.  Minimum Effort.

Options for in-house programmes

All options include complimentary access to fortnightly Outlook Productivity Refresher Webinars, Gerrit Cloete’s Monday Productivity Memo, email and telephone support.

Fees are negotiable, subject to change and applicable for groups of up to 12 participants and exclude VAT, travel and accommodation expenses. Let’s talk if you have a need to offer this to smaller or larger groups.

Option 1 – Outlook Productivity Essentials – 5 hours (R29 000)

  • Everyone works in own Outlook profile during the workshop, implementing their new system in real time.
  • This is a very practical hands-on-the-keyboard workshsop.  A time-proven system for the efficient and very effective organising and management email and workflow management is immediately integrated into Outlook.
  • General Outlook and other Windows productivity and time-saving efficiency tips.
  • Overview of 8 Work Habits (principles and processes) to increase and sustain productivity.
  • Productivity tips for using the modules of Outlook more efficiently.
  • How to organise, process and find email-based information more efficiently.
  • Essential email etiquette/protocol.


NOTE: We can expand this to a custom full-day event (R38 000) to include:

  • Exactly meeting your productivity improvement needs:
    • Pre-workshop survey to determine needs, current use of Outlook, general productivity-related matters, potential implementation obstacles.
    • Customized workshop using survey feedback.
    • Follow-up survey to see progress.
  • Generous time for practice and facilitator-guided implementation throughout workshop.
  • Working in pairs or triads on commonly-encountered implementation challenges.
  • Preparing for anticipated obstacles to integration of new knowledge, skills and behaviour “back in the office” (as from the pre-workshop survey).
  • As applicable and driven by group: Detailed email etiquette/protocol discussion and implementation.


Option 2 – Outlook Productivity Advanced – 8 hours (R38 000)

  • Outlook Productivity Essentials (as in Option 1).


  • For your small projects (anything that takes more than one action to complete):
    • Identify, evaluate ROE (Return On Effort) and plan small projects
    • Brainstorming and planning: mind mapping with free Xmind software
    • Create and use templates in Outlook for project coordination
    • Integrating Xmind and Outlook into a project coordination tool
  • (NOTE: We can adjust the content for this workshop to include a module on using MS OneNote in your project environment.)


OPTIONAL: Guided implementation (R9 000)

  • Online programme under the guidance of Gerrit Cloete to implement new knowledge, skills and behaviours.   Four group meetings using Zoom technology of 30 minutes every 2 weeks (total duration = 8 weeks). Includes email and telephone support.  Challenges and successes are shared, as well as a review of the essentials as the topics surface during Q&A..
  • We can also have weekly sessions.


  1. Let’s have a quick 7-minute to-the-point telephone conversation to see if and how we could help you and take it from there.
  2. Click here to email me your contact details with 3 suggested times for our conversation, and I will call you.
  3. You can also call me on 082 737 3676 or 021 465 2981.