Outlook Productivity: Video tips to save you time and boost your productivity

“I didn’t know Outlook can do that!  It is going to make my life so much easier!”

When people say this at our Outlook Productivity workshops, and I see their eyes light up, it makes me very happy, because that’s why I get out of bed every morning – to help people make their lives easier.

Maybe you would have loved to join us at one of our Outlook Productivity workshops and also get your top priorities dealt with easier, faster and better…

But for whatever reason, you can’t.

The good news is that you can still get “top of the pops” tips, tricks and techniques from the workshop, that will make your life so much easier as you use MS Outlook to getting your work done.

I have just created a series of short (2-4 minutes max), to-the-point video tips that each illustrate just one thing that you probably did not know that “Outlook could do” – and that will also save you stress, time, effort and money when you use it.

The tips are released every Friday morning at 09:00 on a special “For Members Only” web page, where you will also be able to access the “Tip for the week” and all the tips that have been released since the date of your first subscription.

You can give yourself an immediate productivity boost, and then play around with your newly acquired knowledge for the rest of the day and over the weekend to  make it a permanent part your new way of using Outlook more effectively and efficiently.

Watch a typical video tip right here

You can get access to the tips in one of two ways:

Annual subscription:

R487 (about $38.7 – click here for current exchange rate and conversion)


Best value at 15% discount on monthly paid subscription.

Monthly subscription:

R47 (about US$3.7 – click here for current exchange rate and conversion)


You can pay directly with VISA or MasterCard.

All subscriptions renew automatically after the time period you initially signed up for.  You can cancel at any time.

Choose your preferred subscription above, complete the necessary details, submit and you’re in!  When asked to create an account, that will be the details you will use to access the members only site.

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