Outlook Productivity: Video tips to save time and boost productivity


“I didn’t know Outlook can do that!  It is going to make my life so much easier!”

When people say this at our Outlook Productivity workshops, and I see their eyes light up, it makes me very happy, because that’s why I get out of bed every morning – to help people make their lives easier.

One day, when a lady burst out in tears during an individual “at the desk” coaching session, I did not know what to do except ask her what just happened. She said “I am crying for all the

time I have wasted in my life doing things the long way… If I knew this 5 years ago I could have done so many more things than work in the evenings and over weekends!”

I want you to have a similar breakthrough – and you don’t have to cry!

During the Outlook Productivity workshop people don’t sit through a day of dry academic lectures of more of the usual Outlook “training”.

No Sir!

They work hands-on in their own Outlook in real time, immediately implementing time-proven principles, tips, tricks and processes about which we get he following feedback from clients.  It:

  • Saves them 40 minutes every day – that’s one month every year
  • Puts them back in control of email and other inputs
  • Enables them to keep a calm mind and work with relaxed focus
  • Allows them to use Outlook as an everyday, practical business productivity tool and not just for email and meetings, like most other people in most other companies do.

Maybe you would have loved to join us at one of our Outlook Productivity workshops and also make your life easier.

But for whatever reason, you can’t…

  • Maybe you don’t reside in South Africa, and even though South Africa is a top tourist destination, you just don’t have the time for that right now.
  • Maybe you even are in South Africa, but not close enough to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban or Bloemfontein to join us.
  • Maybe you are better at learning something in small chunks online, rather than in an interactive hands-on workshop.

I am therefore creating a series of short (2-3 minutes), to the point video tips that illustrate just one thing that you probably also did not know that “Outlook could do”.

The tips will be released every Friday morning at 09:00 on a special “For Members Only” web site, where you will also be able to access the “Tip for the Day” and all the tips that have been released since the date of your subscription.

You can give yourself a 2-3 minute productivity boost, and then play around with your newly acquired knowledge for the rest of the day and over the weekend to  make it a permanent part your new way of using Outlook more effectively.




Watch a typical video tip right here.



You can get access to the tips in one of three ways:

  1. One-year subscription: R487 (Price in USD here) – Best value at 25% discount on monthly paid subscription.
  2. Quarterly subscription: R147 (Price in USD here).
  3. Monthly subscription: R54 (Price in USD here).

You can pay with your bank card or also use PayPal if you prefer.  All subscriptions renew automatically, and you can cancel at any time, even within one billing cycle.

Choose your preferred programme below, complete and submit your details and your’re in!

We are in the process of finalising the online payment system.  In the meantime, you can still get going!  Just click here, complete and submit the form – that’s it! 

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