Click here to download your free article In this article Gerrit Cloete explores 7 mistakes people tend to make when wanting to increase their productivity, and for every mistake he suggest a solution. You will also get lots of links to useful tools on the internet.
  • They don’t use a system to manage their projects, actions and important reference information.
  • They do not take the time to understand what is important to them at this season in their lives and therefore find it difficult to make the decisions that will bring them where they want to be – because they don’t know.
  • They often fail to believe that they can do something about their situation or maintain negative and limiting thought patterns.
  • They allow things to happen at random and do not have a fixed routine for daily, weekly, monthly and annual reflection and integration.
  • They have difficulty to do the things they have to do even if they don’t feel like doing it, believing that it doesn’t matter.
  • They know their lives are not appropriately balanced and that they do not choose to invest more time in non-work related activities.
  • They believe that efficiency is king at all costs and that doing everything faster is better.
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