Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, because if you’re not happy – we are not happy. As part of our commitment to you as a client and our confidence in the quality and impact of our productivity products and services, we will refund all your money if you have implemented our system and it has not increased your productivity.

Should I do the full day or the 5 hour workshop for my organisation?

In the 5 hour session you get the principles, tricks, tips and techniques of high performance workflow management and apply it in your own technology.  In the afternoon session there are opportunities to ixpand the system to include mind mapping, project evaluation and create a project coordination system (NB: This is NOT project management).  If projects do not form part of your everyday work, the 5-hour Outlook Productivity Essentials option is sufficient.

Do you do productivity coaching?

Yes, for selected clients.  In the on-site coaching programme we work with the reality of what’s happening in your office. We work with the real stuff on your desk, in your Inbox, and in your mind. We even include your Personal Assistant in the process should you have one and co-design the workflow management system to exactly meet your needs and suit your way of thinking and working. We do pre-session assessments while following up with you in person or by phone for a minimum period of 8 weeks after the programme.

Can’t I just get tools to be more productive on the Internet – why do a workshop?

Of course you can. But on the web you don’t get live input from a facilitator that can respond to your questions immediately. Nor do you have the opportunity to gain from the experiences of your co-participants and to bounce your thoughts, ideas and problems off them. Our live workshop environment is a proactive, interactive experience with not only an experienced facilitator but with other people who are, like you, aspiring to become more productive, happier and less stressed!

I am already a power user of Outlook – will I learn anything new?

We guarantee it. We have many people who have used Outlook professionally for years that end up doing things in a particular way that “seems” to work. But this is only because it’s the only way they know. People just like yourself end up telling us that they were pleasantly surprised how much they learned at our workshops and how much they have benefited from the experience. And should you still not feel you’ve benefited, there’s always our Money Back Guarantee!