Welcome to the world of the Productivitree.

The tree has grown from the hearts and minds of more than 12 000 people from 320 companies in 12 countries.  Since 2003 they have been helping to cultivate the Productivitree by feeding it the results they found to bear sweet fruits of productivity in their lives.

The Productivitree is dynamic. It grows new branches.  It gets new grafts from new experiences. Old wood gets pruned. Now and then it sheds a few leaves.

Welcome. Relax. Enjoy the pause in the shade of the Productivitree.  And in time, may you grow with the tree and enjoy its sweet fruits.

Gerrit Cloete
Founder of Productivity Pit Stop and the Online School of Productivity
Transform your sweat spot into your sweet spot


Once upon a time, in a village far, far away,
There was a tree.
The tree had 8 roots.
It bore 8 different fruits.
It was a magic tree.
It was The Productivitree.

After centuries of productive growth, It still lives the middle of the medieval village.  The village is surrounded by a high wall. In the wall there are 8 gateways.  When you enter the city, the route you are on leads to the Productivitree. It becomes one the 8 essential roots of the Productivitree.

There are  8 ways to the Productivitree:

  • The Way of Mindset
  • The Way of Clarity
  • The Way of Alignment
  • The Way of Slowing Down To Speed up
  • The Way of Focus
  • The Way of Adaptability
  • The Way of Finishing What You Start
  • The Way of Learning and Improving

8 Ways to optimize your productivity.

To have less sweat and enjoy more sweet.

My late friend and associate Jerry Fletcher always said that “High performance is when you move from your sweat spot to yur sweet spot.”

Welcome to the club.


Hi from Gerrit Cloete, planter of the Productivitree, founder of Productivity Pit Stop, and the Online School of Productivity.

If there is a gap between how you want things to be for you in terms of your personal productivy, life purpose, balance and fulfilment and how things currently are, why not have a chat to see if and how I can help you close the gap?  Maybe i can help you, just like I have helped more than 100 individuals, small-business owners and 12 000 people who I worked with a company context, to create and enjoy a purposeful, productive and fulfilling life.

To get your right things done with as little effort as possible.

  • Outlook Productivity Online (Use Outlook as a business productivity tool, not just for email and meetings.)
  • Less sweat.  More sweet: 8 Ways to Optimize Your Productivity (stand-alone ‘look & listen’ webinar; 8 mini courses online)
  • Productivity Mastery Programme:  A comprehensive 16-week programme as part of a group, that will allow you to get into bed at night with a smile on your face, knowing that you are on track to living your life in a purposeful, productive and fulfilling way. 
  • Productivity Coaching (1-on-one) (Workflow (with Outlook or other software). Patterns of High Performance. Paradoxical Thinking Productivity.)
  • Coming by November 2020: Fireside Chats (Informal chats on a variety of productivity-related topics.  No charge to attend.)

Our online courses are hosted on Thinkific, one of the best and most-valued platforms for online education.

To arrange a conversation to see if it makes sense to work together, send me an email and I will send you a link to my online calendar to make an appointment.http://gerrit@prps.co.za?subject=Gerrit, please send me the link to your online calendar system so we can talk. Thanks!

I look forward to our conversation!

Gerrit Cloete


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