Hi from Gerrit Cloete, founder of Productivity Pit Stop, and its new Online School of Productivity.

The world of coportate Learning and Development has changed fundamentally with the COVID-19 pandemic.

To quote Brian Busteed at Forbes:

“Through numerous conversations with chief learning and human resource officers from companies around the globe, it has become quite clear that corporate education and training will never return to the in-person classroom.

Sure, there will be exceptions where training will be necessary in-person (think physical equipment, medical labs, etc.) – but any education and training that can be done online will be done online, always, from this point forward.

The reasons for this are simple: companies have realized they can do it faster, more effectively and less expensively online while their employees also widely prefer it too.”

Enter our Online School of Productivity.

We’ve been getting ready for this transformation, although I must admit that the pandemic did speed things up a bit.

We are more than ready.  We already have corporate clients who are very happy with our new Hybrid Outlook Productivity Online course where independent self-work takes place within a structured online course with facilitators, co-students, and an online forum.  Courses are customised for in-house groups – we add company branding, documents, polices etc. at no additional cost.

  • GSK  (8 countries on one course.)
  • Momentum
  • Fruitways
  • University of the Free State
  • South African Pork Producers Organisation
  • South African Sugar Association
  • Central University of Technology
  • Smaller businesses on our new public Hybrid Outlook Productivity Online course (new course starts every month).

We currenlty have the following ‘departments’ in our OSOP (Online School of Productivity), all operating online:

  • Outlook Productivity Online (Use Outlook as a business productivity tool, not just for email and meetings.)
  • Productivity Breakthrough (Progress from “Introductory” to “Mastery” levels of competence)
  • Productive Projects (Use Outlook, OneNote and Xmind as toolbox for planning, tracking and collaborating on your projects.)
  • Productivity Coaching (1-on-one) (Workflow (with Outlook or other software). Patterns of High Performance. Paradoxical Thinking Productivity.)
  • Mastermind Groups (6-8 people with similar objectives and experience help each other succeed in a mutually supportive environment that includes accountability.)
  • Fireside Chats (Informal chats on a variety of productivity-raltaed topics.  No charge to attend.)

Our online courses are hosted on Thinkific, one of the best and most-valued platforms for online education.

To arrange a conversation to explore if and how we can best serve you now:

I look forward to our conversation.

Gerrit Cloete

Optimal Productivity.  Minimal Effort.

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