Hi from Gerrit Cloete, founder of Productivity Pit Stop, and thanks for visiting.

Let me introduce myself as a hardworking lazy guy – working very hard to find ways in which individuals and teams can get the right things done easier, faster and better.

I therefore want to make it as simple and straightforward for you to see if it makes sense for us to talk and see if we can work together to help you improve the personal productivity of your team.  If any of the following statements don’t ring true, then I think the robot has turned to orange or red.  But let’s talk anyway to clarify?


  1. You are a Business Owner, C-Suite Executive, HOD or team leader in a strategic role (HR/IT/Finance/Sales…) in your company .
  2. You want to see increased productivity and operational efficiency of people in your team/company – rapidly and sustainably.


  1. Your company has MS Outlook (PC or Mac), but people are probably using it only for managing email and meetings (like most other people in most other companies do).
  2. This current way of using Outlook could be wasting time to the value of one month’s payroll every year for every Outlook user. Most companies are not aware of this.


  1. Since 2001 more than 15 000 people in 362 companies (including 67 of the Top500 Best Managed Companies in South Africa) have relied on our system to increase their personal productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. They have less stress, are more in control, waste less time in email and meetings – bottom line: we help them make their lives easier, more productive, happier and fulfilling.  And we help your company leverage the investment it has already made in Outlook.
  2. We deliver results in all industries, and for all sizes of organisations.
  3. I know we can help you too.


  1. We have developed a time-proven system of high-performance workflow and time management that people implement directly in their own Outlook.
  2. We come to your premises and facilitate a workshop which is part of your chosen Outlook Productivity programme.
  3. The format:
    • Small groups of up to 12 people at a time.
    • Everyone works on their own Outlook in real time, and “hands on the keyboard”.
    • At the end of the session, the new system is implemented.
    • Individual “at the desk” tuition can be arranged for deeper, personalised implementation.
    • We support you: Fortnightly 30-minute refresher webinars, ongoing email and telephone support, in-person follow-up session (at your request).
  4. Options


The budget depends on too many variables (e.g. timing, travel, scope of work, payment terms) to be discussed in detail here.  We will negotiate the best deal.


  1. I don’t want to waste your time.  So, I am not going to ask you to go through pages and pages of possibly irrelevant details to pick what might work for you.  If you do want some more information, I have summarised it here.
  2. Let’s rather have a quick 7-minute to-the-point telephone conversation to see if and how we could help you and take it from there.
  3. Click here to email me your contact details with 3 suggested times for our conversation, and I will call you.
  4. You can also call me on 082 737 3676 or 021 465 2981.


I look forward to your email and our conversation.

Gerrit Cloete

Optimal Productivity.  Minimal Effort.

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