Imagine getting into bed every night with a smile on your face because you have peace of mind, knowing that all the important things you have planned for today have been DONE – with as little effort as possible…

…that you are enjoying a productive, happy and fulfilling life.

Hi from Gerrit Cloete, and thanks for stopping by.

I invite you to join me on a journey to a place where you…

  • Have 3-4 extra weeks every year to use at your discretion.
  • Minimise, if not eliminate, negative stress (distress).
  • Are more in control of things rather than being victim of what others want you to do.
  • Are more focused, yet relaxed.
  • Are well organised, and can find information in a flash.
  • Only do what only you can do, delegating or outsourcing the rest.
  • Deal with your email and other input proactively, when and as you choose, rather than reacting and ending up “all over the show” without getting meaningful things done.
  • Have an orderly (not perfect) and productive environment on and around your desk.
  • Are crystal clear about how you want things to be in each and every area of your life – and are working successfully toward that end.
  • Enjoy an appropriately balanced, integrated lifestyle.
  • Bottom line – have a productive, happy and fulfilling life.

This may sound like “blue sky thinking”, but I assure you that it is possible – not because I say so, but because of the feedback I get from people who have chosen to work with me in workshops or on group/individual programmes (see comments below).

Maybe you are experiencing a gap between how YOU want things to be, and how things really are?

People who experience this gap feel:

  • Frustrated
  • Disappointed
  • Disillusioned
  • Angry with themselves.




My job is to help you“close the gap” and become more productive and happier by getting your right things done easier and faster.

May I share feedback with you from people who have participated in my earlier Productivity Mastery Programmes (designations valid at time of doing the programme):

Moosa Karodia, PrEng Ceng; Production Manager at SAPREF(Durban) Refinery:  The Mastery Programme is … designed to entrench a new habit, a new and improved way of working, organizing, thinking and feeling. I have personally benefited immensely from the Mastery Programme in that a new productivity mindset has been created. I now feel much less anxious and much more relaxed. I am now also able to find precious time doing the strategic and important activities that are necessary at my level in the organisation.”

Jan Mocke, COO, The Joburg Market:   “I would like to thank you at this stage while we are still busy with the Productivity Mastery Programme. [Even] if we would stop at this stage, I would already feel that is probably the best value for money I received from any course that I have done – and I have done quite a few.  Some of the articles you share are really enlightening and all I regret is that I was not exposed to this information earlier in my life.”

Bradley Hlubi, Emergency Response Manager, SAPREF: “The programme is really tailored around people with busy schedules that need help. It really got me to rethink my levels of productivity and effectiveness. Started to expose me to other people and gain some tips on how to be more efficient.  I was coached by a really experienced person in this field. We created a platform whereby we could start to slowly improve on my systems of work.

Peet van Jaarsveld, Group CFO, Digicall Solutions: “I have formed and adapted and implemented quite a few new habits that are already paying off handsomely. My previous ways of handling emails and requests were not sustainable and has led to a lot of frustration. I now have a system that serves me much better. Another major benefit of the programme is insight into oneself and understanding some issues better. And secondly insight into principles that highly successful people use. I think this offers a major opportunity for learning and growth.”

Henk Agenbach, CEO, Humansdorpse Koöperasie: “The programme helped me to understand that my problem with productivity is not unique but a general problem in the current high speed and quantity of information environment we operate in.  It also helped me to manage my time so as to focus on the most value adding aspects of my life not only as a CEO but also personally”.

We can do the same for you

When you join my (virtual) Productivity Mastery Programme, we will work side-by side to “close the gap”, based on your specific needs and situation.

And it will not only be “me and you” on the programme, because you will also get the benefit of being in a small group of between 4 and 10 like-minded people.  You will learn from their experiences and can also make a positive contribution to the other group members.  And you and I will work individually as well between the group conversations.




You can click here for the nitty-gritty of how the programme works, or read it a bit later.

Right now, I wish to invite you to apply for a free high-level 45-60 minute discovery session with me on “How to get my ‘right things’ done – easier and faster”.

I just want to say that this will not be a “sales conversation” to convince you to do the programme, but simply an opportunity to:

  • Create a sense of clarity about what a productive, happy and fulfilling life means to you.
  • Discover the essential building blocks for getting to higher levels of productivity, happiness and fulfilment compared to what you have now.
  • Determine the Number 1 thing stopping you from being as productive and happy as you want to be.
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you toward having the productive, happy and fulfilling life you desire.
  • Complete our conversation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create and enjoy the productive, happy and fulfilling life you want.

After the discovery session we will talk about working together (or not), how the programme “works”, the schedule, group and individual meetings and the investment.

Should I for any reason feel that we are not a good match, or that there is not a good match between you and the way the programme will unfold, I will say that, and we say goodbye as friends.  I trust that this will be OK for you.

To book your free discovery session, click here to send me an email , including your full name and telephone number.

I will then call you and we will look at our calendars at the same time to find a suitable time for your session.

Thanks!  I look forward to our conversation.

(For more details of how the programme will work, just scroll down or click here.)

Kind regards.




Gerrit Cloete

082 737 3676




OK…As Promised, The Nuts And Bolts

Theme and Content

Main theme of Productivity Mastery Programme: Design and live a productive, happy and fulfilling life.

Sub-Themes (these form the modules in the Productivity Mastery Programme)

I recently asked people in a survey: “What’s your Number 1 question about improving your personal productivity, living a more balanced life and taking back control of your day and your life?”.  Here are some of the responses:

  • Meaning of life
  • Overwhelm
  • Disruption
  • Juggling priorities
  • Procrastination
  • Self-discipline
  • Email overload
  • Invasion of my boundaries
  • Not organised
  • Life balance
  • How do I know I am on the right road
  • Teamwork
  • Make use of unplanned opportunities
  • How to remain motivated every day
  • How to fit everything into a day
  • Having an effective To-do list without feeling overwhelmed
  • Too much to do and not enough time

I distilled this input into 5 sub-themes that have become the modules of the Productivity Mastery Programme.

Module 1  Productive mind-set: Calm down your mind; stop believing any “productivity lies” and limiting beliefs you are telling yourself.  Like “I don’t have the time”, “I have to do it myself”, “It has to be perfect”… and create a more productive mindset.

From our beliefs flow our feelings, behaviour and results. Want different results in any area of your life?  Challenge and change your beliefs.

Module 2  Clarity: The more clarity you have about things, the more powerful you become and the more you can live the life YOU want – by choice, not by chance.

Get crystal clear about what really matters to you; what and who you want to be.  This makes your life easier because your everyday decisions and action choices are guided by this solid foundation.

When you make your work visible and actionable, you escape being dominated by your Inbox, voicemail, SMSs, WhatsApp messages and the like.  This step will help you regain control and create ORDER from the random CHAOS coming at you.  I will help you as far as I can to help you use the technology you already have to implement time-proven productivity principles and processes.

To quote Epictetus: “First, say to yourself what you would be; then do what you have to do.”  In this module you are encouraged to create or review your personal mission statement and governing values as a practical decision -making tool and not just a piece of paper or a document somewhere on your computer.

Module 3  Slow down to speed up: Speed reading and speed typing are both desirable and time-saving productivity tools. But “speed yoga”?  And “speed meditation”?  Things need to be done at their appropriate pace.

When you slow down, you make fewer mistakes.  By slowing down, you live the carpenter’s law: measure twice, cut once.

Slow down at the end of the day to review the day, learn from it so you can have a better tomorrow.  You will not only sleep better, but will look forward to the next day to take the next steps on your success journey of living a productive, happy and fulfilling life.

Take regular “time-outs” during a day, one long weekend per quarter and a 3-week vacation once a year.

 Module 4  Focus: Achieve what matters most to YOU.  Do only those things that move you  towards achieving your priorities – don’t waste time and energy on the rest.  Make sure that everything in your calendar and task list is aligned with and support the completion of your current priorities.

“You should only do what only you can do – delegate or outsource the rest.”  Learn to say “no” and block out the world that wants to disrupt you and make you less productive.  Understand your priorities; communicate your priorities; protect your priorities.

And protect your boundaries! Control all the interruptions and distractions that filter into your day. E.g. email, SMS, WhatsApp and all other notifications.

Do not allow others to take advantage of you – if you don’t focus on yourself, then who will?

Paradoxically, maintain a flexible approach and be ready to adapt to changes in your context.  When last did a day work out exactly the way you planned it?  Be willing and ready to take advantage of opportunities that change bring.  Plan for flexibility by avoiding back-to-back events like the plague!  Create space and “unscheduled time” in your days. Create a “trellis” framework for your day and week, allowing open space for the day to develop in a sometimes unpredictable fashion.

Module 5  Completion: Enjoy the great feeling of completing something: it’s “done and dusted”.  Finishing what you start brings closure and peace of mind.  You will sleep better and be less distracted and disturbed by intrusive thoughts of “open loops” during your waking hours.

Review your day at the end of the day, and make things current.  Renegotiate commitments if required and move incomplete actions forward.

Conquer two major causes of not finishing what you start: negative procrastination (not positive, constructive and productive procrastination) and perfectionism.

“Finish what you start” may sound like a small thing, but it packs a powerful punch.


  • This is a live programme, albeit conducted virtually.
  • Duration: 12 weeks, including a “kick-off” meeting, five content sessions (fortnightgly), one “closing” session. and a bonus optional meeting about a month after the closing session.
  • Start date: Currently scheduled for Winter 2018 – subject to change.
  • Venue: Since this is a virtual programme, you can participate from your desk or mobile device.
  • Platform: GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting/Zoom..
  • Connectivity: For both group and individual meetings, a high-speed internet connection is required.
  • Web page: There will be a special web page with all the information, material, the schedule…everything you will need to make this programme a success.

Structure – individual and group options

You can choose the format that suits your needs, schedule and budget the best (all formats include the bonus items listed below):

  • Essentials = Participation in the group programme
  • Standard = Essentials  Package + Individual coaching + Annual Productivity Mastery Retreat for you and your spouse (travel and accommodation excluded from package)
  • Premium = Standard  Package + Development of your unique “Pattern of High Performance” + “Paradoxical Thinking” Performance Pendulum + Personal Values and Mission Statement + My availability for “on demand” coaching calls + Free seat at a Outlook Productivity workshop (for you or someone of your choice)

ESSENTIALS: GROUP interaction, support and coaching 

  • The group is limited to 4-10 participants.
  • Five one-hour group sessions, each addressing a specific and practical topic  (the modules mentioned above) that will support you to improve your productivity.
  • Recordings will be available within one day after the call.
  • Five “Question and Answer” group sessions by telephone/GoToMeeting. These sessions only deal with questions you and your fellow participants may have. These calls will be recorded.
  • Interviews with guest experts.
  • You can form your own smaller mastermind group.
  • An initial one-hour orientation session prior to the beginning of the programme.
  • An “It’s time to say goodbye” session after completion of the programme.
  • Be part of a closed group on Facebook, where you can interact with others on the programme.

STANDARD AND PREMIUM:  “Essentials” plus your INDIVIDUAL tuition, coaching, development and support options


  • Everything in Essentials package, PLUS:
  • We will interact at least weekly for the duration of the programme, and I will guide and support you in achieving your specific objectives
  • Six virtual individual coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes each,  just for you and me.  This happens in the week after the group session, with a 6th session after completing the programme.
  • Email and telephone support for the duration of the programme.
  • Participation in our annual Productivity Mastery Retreat, which can be attended by both current and past participants in Productivity Mastery Programme (excluding travel and accommodation expenses which will be for your action and account). NOTE that your spouse will be welcome to join you!


  • Everything in the “Standard” package, PLUS:
  • Up to eight 10-minute “on demand” phone coaching sessions with me to give you extra support when you feel stuck or when “stuff happens” between sessions.
  • One FREE SEAT (valued at R3 335) at any of our public Outlook Productivity workshops in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein, should you be an Outlook user. If you are not, you can make this seat available to anyone of your choice.
  • We will develop your unique “Pattern of High Performance”, which describes what you do when you do your best work.  Once you know your pattern, you can consciously replicate it “on demand” for optimal performance and productivity.
  • Paradoxical Thinking: Your paradoxical characteristics will be developed into a tool you can use in a very creative way to approach and achieve goals.
  • You will craft your personal values and mission statement, capturing how you see your life purpose, and how to use it as a tool to assist you in making choices between what actions to take and what to leave.
  • Email and telephone support extended for 12 weeks following the programme.

BONUS ITEMS (for all three options)

  • Bonus teleseminars/webinars on key topics that may arise during the programme.
  • Free subscription to my Monday Memo.
  • Discount on my other programmes:
    • For seats at any of our public Outlook Productivity workshops, should you be an Outlook user. If you are not, you can make this seat available to anyone of your choice. (NOTE: One free seat is already included if you choose the PREMIUM package.)
    • “Productivity Breakthrough Masterclass” – planned to be available as a digital programme by May 2018.
    • “VIP Day”, where we work together for a day (in person or virtually) to implement a high-performance system of efficient workflow management (paper and digital).

Enrolment Fee

The enrolment fee will vary depending on the package you choose and a few other factors, so I suggest we park that conversation until we have had your discovery session and you have clarity about exactly what you want to include in your programme.  Payment can then be made by EFT or bank card, and payment options are available.

Your next step: Book your free discovery session

Click here to send me an email , including your full name and telephone number.

I will then call you and we will look at our calendars at the same time to find a suitable time for your session.

Thanks!  I look forward to our conversation.

Kind regards.



Gerrit Cloete

082 737 3676