Imagine getting into bed at night with a smile of contentment on your face,

knowing that all the important things you wanted to get done today,

have all been done or dealt with. 

You have peace of mind and can have a night of uninterrupted sleep,

already looking forward to tomorrow,

because there are no open loops to bug you.


This can be achieved by implementing productivity principles and processes that can immediately be applied to improve productivity “on the job” and all other chosen areas of life.  You will enjoy even higher levels of productivity, happiness and fulfilment.

This is the ultimate aim of my new Productivity Mastery Programme 2018 (aka PMP 2018).

Hi from Gerrit Cloete, and thanks for stopping by for this “PMP Update”.

I have already facilitated six very succesful Productivity Mastery Programmes, and right now, I am burning the midnight oil to put the finishing touches on number 7 – new, revised and refreshed content based on input from clients and other contributors.

It is almost almost ready to go, and I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out, and that I’m covering the topics that YOU are most interested in.

I therefore need your help, please.

Will you please let me know your number 1 question about how to improve personal productivity, happines and fulfilment, and also help me by letting me know what value you ?

In exchange for your advice, I’ll have two free gifts waiting for you “on the other side” of the survey.

Will you please click here and let me know if I’m on the right track?

Can you do it now while it’s fresh on your mind?

I am tempted to share more with you right now about the three levels of increasing participation and value (Silver, Gold and Platinum) in the programme, but first want to make sure I am on the right track with the revised content.

This is what participants in previous PMPs have said about it – with your help we can make it even better.  (Role descriptions and companies reflect where they were at the time.)

Moosa Karodia, PrEng Ceng; Production Manager at SAPREF(Durban) Refinery:  The Mastery Programme is … designed to entrench a new habit, a new and improved way of working, organizing, thinking and feeling. I have personally benefited immensely from the Mastery Programme in that a new productivity mindset has been created. I now feel much less anxious and much more relaxed. I am now also able to find precious time doing the strategic and important activities that are necessary at my level in the organisation.”

Jan Mocke, COO, The Joburg Market:   “I would like to thank you at this stage while we are still busy with the Productivity Mastery Programme. [Even] if we would stop at this stage, I would already feel that is probably the best value for money I received from any course that I have done – and I have done quite a few.  Some of the articles you share are really enlightening and all I regret is that I was not exposed to this information earlier in my life.”

Bradley Hlubi, Emergency Response Manager, SAPREF: “The programme is really tailored around people with busy schedules that need help. It really got me to rethink my levels of productivity and effectiveness. Started to expose me to other people and gain some tips on how to be more efficient.  I was coached by a really experienced person in this field. We created a platform whereby we could start to slowly improve on my systems of work.

Peet van Jaarsveld, Group CFO, Digicall Solutions: “I have formed and adapted and implemented quite a few new habits that are already paying off handsomely. My previous ways of handling emails and requests were not sustainable and has led to a lot of frustration. I now have a system that serves me much better. Another major benefit of the programme is insight into oneself and understanding some issues better. And secondly insight into principles that highly successful people use. I think this offers a major opportunity for learning and growth.”

Henk Agenbach, CEO, Humansdorpse Koöperasie: “The programme helped me to understand that my problem with productivity is not unique but a general problem in the current high speed and quantity of information environment we operate in.  It also helped me to manage my time so as to focus on the most value adding aspects of my life not only as a CEO but also personally”.

With your help PMP 2018 can help you and other people achieve similar results.

Will you please click here and let me know if I’m on the right track?

Thank you for your input!




Gerrit Cloete

Founder of Productivity Pit Stop and creator of the Productivity Mastery Programme.